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APTTA Conventions



Dear Piano Industry Enthusiasts, 

The PTTGV team is in full swing with organising this upcoming event and can announce that we have secured our venue at Hyatt Place in Essendon. A newly opened venue in 2017, this location is very quick and easy distance from Tullamarine Airport, with access from the major highways and local tram depot for those whom come via public transport.

Our mission; to present learning opportunities for all piano technicians of all abilities. To showcase technology, skill development and strategies to enable the ongoing success of the profession into the future, as well connecting like-minded industries together. 

We are in the process of sourcing and securing sponsors and guest lecturers from near and far. The goal is to unite together as well making the experience worthwhile for you, our sponsors and to ultimately enhancing our industry for a bigger and brighter future. We aim to present interesting and practical lectures, with the focus on our industry looking forward. 

This upcoming convention already promises to be an outstanding success, an event you simply cannot afford to miss out on. 

We look forward in receiving your expression of int­erest (www.pianotuners.asn.au) in attending “A Grand Adventure” Convention 2019. Should you have any questions, a dedicated email address at apttaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  has been created for all correspondence. For more info visit : https://www.pianotuners.asn.au/convention-2019

We look forward in presenting you “A Grand Adventure” & Piano Expo, as the Adventure of pianos, is certainly Grand..!


The APTTA has been hosting conventions on a bi-annual basis since 1985. These conventions are always well attended and give our widely dispersed piano technicians an opportunity to gather and exchange information, develop and refine their piano tuning and piano technology skills and to set upon new goals and directions for the association. The APTTA welcomes and encourages piano Technicians to join the APTTA to further develop your skills in the company of like minded professional from within the APTTA.

The conventions include many lecturers from Australia and New Zealand as well as guest lecturers from around the world. Many of the speakers are well known as experts in their field, and cover many topics from basic repairs to major rebuilding as well as new innovations in our profession. Diverse topics such as computer and business management are also covered. Many new skills are acquired and much knowledge is gained by the attendees.

An AGM is held at every convention for the members in attendance which includes the election of officers on the committee for the next two years, and a general meeting for any participants at the convention to attend. There are also meetings for the outgoing and incoming committees, as well as a meeting for the examination committee to discuss any refinements to the examination process.

The 2009 convention in Brisbane was hosted by the Queensland branch and held in conjunction with the meeting of the International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians - IAPBT. Technicians from USA, Norway, Germany, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea as well as New Zealand and Australia attended this convention. The conventions are also supported by many of the major piano manufacturers and parts suppliers.

Convention News:

The next Australasian convention is the Mid-Pacific Piano Technicians' Conference which will be held in sunny Hawaii October 8 to 14 2018.
Contact us here to express your interest and for more details visit  http://www.pianotuners.asn.au

Past conventions have been held in the following cities since inception:-

Sydney – 1985
Melbourne – 1987
Brisbane – 1988
Perth – 1990
Canberra – 1992
Melbourne – 1994
Gold Coast – 1996
Auckland – 1998
Sydney – 2000
Perth – 2002
Adelaide – 2004
Gold Coast – 2007
Brisbane – 2009
Wellington – 2011
Sydney – 2013
Perth – 2015
Adelaide - 2017