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Our 'Find A Tuner' page is being upgraded to give you a more streamlined experience. To find your closest or preferred APTTA member, visit the APTTA Branches and Members page for a list of Piano Tuners and Technicians listed in alphabetical order in your area. This link will take you to the page.


ARPT is the recognised qualification of an Australasian Registered Piano Technician

ARPT membership was introduced in 2006 and the qualification is only awarded to technicians who have passed a comprehensive assessment of their skills. Any person wishing to join the Association must pass the ARPT examination to gain full membership.

The examination consists of four sections:

  • A tuning assessment, good accuracy and stability are required.
  • A practical assessment of regulation and repair skills.
  • An oral assessment of the technician’s understanding of and approach to a range of grand and upright piano problems.
  • A comprehensive written assessment on a wide range of piano related general knowledge questions.

Quality is never an accident ... it is always the result of high intention, skillful execution, sincere effort and hard work. Below is a full list of APTTA members with those ARPT qualifications indicated where appropriate.