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The APTTA Story

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The home of qualified and responsible professionals since 1984.

• The APTTA is Australia's foremost source of expertise in piano servicing, technology, knowledge and resources for both our registered members and for you and your piano. Over 300 registered and qualified piano technicians are members of the APTTA and that means by choosing one, you can be confident that the level of services, expertise and integrity are of the highest standard and are governed by the principles of the Association Committee. 

• The over-arching mission of the APTTA is to promote the highest possible standards of piano service by providing members with opportunities for professional development and by recognizing and improving technical competence through regular practical examinations. Additionally, the APTTA mission statement reaffirms its commitment to you - piano owners and users - and invites you to use the professional services of the association.

• Rigorous technical examinations set by the APTTA are used to ensure that an ARPT – Australian Registered Piano Technician – has the credentials and technical skills to competently perform normal and complex piano tuning along with servicing and repairs in a method approved by the Association. We encourage you to choose an ARPT to attend to your piano as unqualified tuners may not offer the accredited, professional surety and dedication to your piano. 

APTTA QUALITY - It's not an act, it's expected ... and it means doing it right every time.


The Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association, APTTA, was formed in 1984 and has branch associations in WA, SA, Vic, NSW, Qld, and New Zealand. Over 300 professional piano technicians are members of the APTTA. Conventions are held every two years, with the most recent being in Perth in October 2015. These conventions give our widely dispersed piano technicians an opportunity to gather and exchange information, develop and refine their piano tuning and piano technology skills and to set upon new goals and directions for the association. The 2009 convention in Brisbane was hosted by the Queensland branch and held in conjunction with the meeting of the International Association of Piano Builders and Technicians - IAPBT. Technicians from USA, Norway, Germany, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea as well as New Zealand and Australia attended this convention.

It is now a requirement that to join the association as a full member, tuners\technicians must first pass the APTTA accreditation exams which have been established over a number of years by past and present members who would meet regularly to discuss and verify each step of the examination process. Passing these exams also gives the member the distinction of becoming an ARPT – Australasian Registered Piano Technician.

The APTTA’s overarching goal is to raise standards of piano tuning and service for the benefit and enjoyment of pianists and all those who enjoy piano music.

 Please feel free to browse our site for piano information;

  • An up to date membership list for each of our branches in Australia and New Zealand will help you locate and contact an accredited (see ARPT defined) piano tuner/technician in your area. Answers to the most common questions are in the FAQs section.
  • The APTTA’s recent achievements.
  • Details of our upcoming Conventions.