Queensland Code of Ethics



In order that the Code of Ethics may be of value to members and the public generally, an obligation is placed upon every member to fearlessly and faithfully perform the duties and practices set out in these Codes.

The purpose of the Code is to state the minimum requirements for fair competition and honourable dealings to be observed by members in their relations with one another and with those utilities their services.

These standards and principles have, in the main, been followed by most “Piano Tuners and Technicians” of good repute in Australia as sound ethical practice.

They represent a self-imposed discipline adopted by members of this “Guild” and an assurance to the public of skill and faithful performance.

Code of Ethics: Members of the “Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild (Qld) inc.” subscribe to the following Codes:-

1.Members will maintain a good standard of work at all times, 2. Members recognise that the rights and duties of the member and his client are:

FIRST: The client has the right to get what he contracted for, I.e. completed work, according to the Estimate Contract - and his duty is to pay for it.

SECOND: The member has the right to be paid for his work, and his duty is to do the work properly.

3.Members shall deal honestly and fairly with their clients. 4.Members shall uphold the principle of appropriate and adequate compensation

for the services which they render. 5.Members shall give their informed and vigorous support to all sound

legislation affecting the Music Industry, and shall co-operate in aiding its

advancement. 6.Members recognise that fair and genuine competition is a fundamental service

to which their prospective clients are entitled. 7.Members shall be loyal to their “Guild” and active in Its work and shall be

willing to place at the disposal of the “Guild” and fellow members the lessons

of their experience. 8.Members shall avoid all conduct or practice likely to discredit or do injury to

the Music Industry or the “Guild”.

These responsibilities are freely and solemnly assumed they form part of an obligation as a member of the “Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild (Qld) Inc.”.

This “Code of Ethics” was passed and accepted by the members of the “Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild (Qld) inc”