West Australian Code of Ethics

Australasian Piano Tuners & Technicians Association of Western Australia Inc.


In order that the Code of Ethics may be of value to members and the public generally, an obligation is placed upon every member to fearlessly and faithfully perform the duties and practices set out in this Code.

The purpose of the Code is to state the minimum requirements for fair competition and honourable dealings to be observed by members in their relations with one another and with those utilities they service.

(Herein-after The Australasian Piano Tuners & Technicians Association of Western Australia Inc. will be referred to as APTTA WA)

This Code of Ethics represents a self-imposed discipline adopted by members of APTTA WA and an assurance to the public of skilled and faithful performance.

Code of Ethics: As a member of the APTTA WA I will subscribe to the following Codes:- 1. I will not engage in unfair trade practices.

2. I will not advertise in a manner so as to convey information that is misleading.

3. I will not at any time conduct myself in a manner which might reflect discredit to APTTA WA.

4. I will use every opportunity within my means to upgrade my professional status by close contact with APTTA WA affairs, made available through meetings, seminars and similar events.

5. I will contribute to improving our profession as a whole, by encouraging and assisting to the best of my ability, the apprentice or any member in the development of knowledge and skill in piano technology.

6. If I am a Provisional member I shall not, by omission or misrepresentation, imply that I am an “ARPT” member. Australasian Registered Piano Technician.

7. As a member I will not use the APTTA WA name, emblem, Seal, and other similar devices in an unauthorised manner.

8. No past or present officer shall use their title of office for personal use in advertising in any form whatsoever.

9. Always conduct myself honourably in the premises where I render service. 10. Always render the best service possible under the existing conditions. 11. I will always keep the best interest of my customer in mind. 12. I will never use fraudulent or bait advertising.

13. I will promote the integrity of, and good will toward, the tuning profession and the entire music industry at every opportunity.